Distributor of technical components for marine and mobile systems

We are all about supplying the right product with the best service to the marine and mobile industries of Southern Africa.

Leisure Marine

Commercial Marine


Power Supply

Our range of products are all carefully selected to complement each other to work together in a well-designed power supply system be it on a multi-million dollar luxury boat designed for blue water cruising, island hopping or just day sailing or a luxurious overlanding Unimog designed to cross a different type of ocean.

Power Management

When power is essential on your vessel our range of quality brands will help you manage it all the way from making the installation phase a simple and effortless one and when using the vessel these products will allow you to live a life of sailing or enjoying the outdoors without the worry of when is something going to go wrong.

Power Production

This is where we have really put our many years of experience in the marine industry to work in order to select the best products available for power production. These robust products supply reliable power in the harshest sailing conditions known to any sailor or outdoors-man and have stood the test of time and will make your experience a life changing one where you will not need to plan your life around charging your batteries, but rather enjoying and living the life you desire.