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Our Brands

Blue Power Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

Optimal Energy with an intelligent power grid on your boat that adapts to any challenges you may encounter. Unparalleled reliability, without effort and at great value for money.

Chargers, Inverters, Inverter/Chargers, Batteries, Battery Management Systems, Battery Monitors, DC-DC Converters, MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

In the late ’90s Spectra revolutionized the watermaker with the successful launch of the Clark Pump.

The first energy recovery pump designed specifically for small scale desalination.

This pump lowers the amount of energy consumption, in some systems as much as 75%, over conventional systems by recycling energy.

Since then, the Spectra brand has become synonymous with innovation in desalination technology.  Spectra specializes in small scale energy-efficient desalination systems designed for ocean going vessels, off-shore oil platforms, military, disaster relief, emergency preparedness and distributed infrastructure markets. Spectra Watermakers manufactures the simplest, energy efficient, and quietest watermakers in the world.

High-end LFP battery systems.

MG specializes in high-end battery system solutions, featuring innovative technologies for optimal performance, ideal for full-electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, off-grid and mobile industrial or automotive applications. It’s our passion to accelerate the energy transition by developing smart, scalable, and superior products. We keep exploring and pushing the frontiers of innovation in renewable energy. Because we believe it’s key to a sustainable future.

Over 1,000 Quality Electrical Products designed to work together as a fully integrated system.

Circuit protection and switches, connectors and insulators, power distribution and conversion, custom panels, and meters. Our products are engineered for the harshest marine environment and built to last. Guaranteed Satisfaction with our products. Industry involvement ensures products meet ABYC, NMMA, and Coast Guard standards.

The Silentwind wind generator is designed to charge batteries on sailing vessels by converting wind energy into electricity. The generator has been developed and produced for use in marine environment.

Silentwind is lightweight (6kg), built in aluminium alloy suitable for marine environment, corrosion protected, stainless steel shaft, waterproof sealed bearings. The Silent Power Blades are produced in carbon fibre, hand-laminated, with minimum noise emission, which is the great differentiator of the Silentwind. The charge controller is external, hybrid (wind and solar energy), has multifunction display and integrated stop switch (electronic / manual).

Market leaders in power distribution in the marine, security, commercial, recreational, and off-grid applications. Battery Chargers, Battery to Battery Chargers, Alternator to Battery Chargers, Alternator Regulators.

Wema is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality level sensors and instruments and over the years has gained a global reputation for delivering the most reliable level sensors and instruments in the various markets.

Wema uses stainless steel and non-corrosive materials. As a result, key components from Wema are sailing on the seven seas in boats andships around the world. Wema is far more than a product supplier – we are your technology partner.

Marinco® has been a global leader in harsh environment electrical products for more than 40 years.  From shore-power connections, to power conversion and power management products to accessories, Marinco offers a broad range of high-quality, electrical components.

All Marinco components feature rugged, corrosion-resistant construction, and meet rigorous global marine, RV and industrial standards. Marinco offers its customers the peace of mind of consistent, high-quality, robust components designed for longevity in a wide range of applications.

At Maretron, we understand that a vessel is made up of many complex systems including the engine, transmission, generators, electrical, and much, much more.

We have developed a single, common interface to monitor and control your vessel’s systems, so you don’t have to learn and remember different ways to interact with each piece of equipment.

Smooth docking

Built for outstanding performance, you can rely on your Sleipner thruster year after year.

Boat owners worldwide choose Sleipner for reliability, ease of installation, and unrivalled safety features.

Boat stability

Sleipner’s Vector fins™ is the only top performing stabilizer system for both cruising and at anchor-use. The fins’ unique shape reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency – translating more of their power into actual roll stabilization. Enhanced comfort and safety – with none of the drawbacks from flat fins.

With a range of over 300 items, Scanstrut products enable and enhance the use of commercial, navigation and personal electronics in the outdoors.

These are grouped broadly into mounts, charge and seal ranges and include waterproof wireless phone chargers, Satcom solutions for superyachts and tablet mounts for RV. Every innovation is originated and delivered from concept to production entirely by an in-house design and engineering team and is trusted by its global customers to deliver high-performance products for the toughest of marine, off-road and industrial environments. Scanstrut products are used on power boats, yachts, off-road vehicles, RVs & industrial spaces.

Balmar Knows How to Charge Your Batteries

Balmar has been serving the Recreational Marine Industry for over 30 years.

We supply DC Charging Products and Battery Monitors to help sailors and power boaters charge and monitor their batteries more efficiently.

Balmar is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative technology, expert technical service, and product reliability.

We design and manufacture:

  • The highest output and most reliable alternators available in the Marine Industry, including our patented Smart Ready® Alternator designs.
  • External Multi-Stage Regulators which provide “smart charging” of your battery banks.
  • Patented Altmount® Pulley Conversion Kits for serpentine belt/pulley conversions required to accommodate high power alternators.

Carling ranks amongst the world’s largest manufacturers of circuit breakers, switches, power distribution units, digital switching systems and electronic controls.

There are a few products that Carling Technologies hasn’t turned “ON” and even fewer industries that haven’t turned to Carling for solutions.

SES Services is your specialised partner for custom tailored design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art quality LED light dimmers and electronic manufacturing services. Supplier of Berker switches and sockets.

Our Maxeon® solar cell is fundamentally different. And dramatically better.

With its unique copper foundation, our cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows us to build panels with the world record for highest efficiency. Conventional panels just don’t stack up against SunPower® technology.

MARETRON®, A CARLING TECHNOLOGIES BRAND, offers a comprehensive suite of products to enable full functionality, control and monitoring of systems on vessels of virtually any size.

MPower® is a flexible and scalable platform designed to control DC systems using configurable keypads, switch modules and multifunction displays. Designed for small runabout vessels to large yachts and beyond, MPower simplifies installation and delivers easy, intuitive control over the increasingly complex systems found on today’s vessels. All MPower products connect directly to the NMEA 2000® network providing access to and compatibility with an array of sensors and instrumentation. If you are a boatbuilder, technical dealer, or a savvy DIY boat owner already familiar with Maretron’s vast monitoring & control ecosystem, MPower delivers impressive, distributed power and digital switching capabilities. Because of MPower’s use of standard PGNs (versus proprietary messages), MPower easily integrates with an NMEA 2000 system or MFD you likely already service or own.

The Hella Marine vision is to provide world leading marine lighting products that set benchmarks for quality, reliability, safety, and energy efficiency and to meet customer expectations for outstanding service and support.

At sea, power is often a scarce resource. Highly efficient LED lighting has a substantial role to play in conserving energy and enhancing a vessel without sacrificing functionality or compromising safety. Hella Marine ‘Fit and Forget’ LED lighting is firmly established as the solution of choice that meets long term reliability and economic considerations for astute owners and operators. Today Hella marine is a globally recognised and trusted brand with LED navigation and high-performance lighting systems available in over 60 countries through the global HELLA network and specialist marine distributors.

The Katadyn Group is the leading provider of reliable, sustainable, and simple solutions for safe drinking water treatment no matter the location.

Whether outdoors, at sea, for emergency preparedness, humanitarian or tactical missions or industrial applications, clean water becomes a reality with Katadyn products. Katadyn manufactures 3 models of reverse osmosis desalinators to suit your requirements which are compact, rugged, and simple to operate.

Before you even look at underwater lighting from any other company, take a look at the benchmark – what makes OceanLED stand out from the crowd.

OceanLED is recognised as the leader in the marine lighting industry and has a heritage that is trusted by boat owners worldwide. We not only understand what the marine environment demands in terms of performance and quality, but we understand the importance of creating unique solutions for the marine industry.